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Vision sharing and creating a sense of ownership:An idea for long-term promotion Since November 2017 ZBS principal, staff, and students have hosted 20 visits to our New Campus till March 2018, Here is our vision, reasoning, method, purpose and expectations. ZBS is one of the few Christian organizations to purchase a large piece of land in recent times. One way to make this land a real asset for the glory and service of God is to create a sense of ownership, and so the responsibility for ZBS is to share the vision with many and make the vision household prayer and praise item among the churches of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We are thankful to friends whose generous support made it possible to purchase the beautiful land, building, and solar energy system. We hope and pray that it becomes a place of learning, encouragement, inspiration, hope, blessing, and fun. Amen!

Construction of first phase of residential building is complete. A married couple has been hired to look after the facilities. Students requesting hostel accommodation from Intake of fall semester in 2018 will be hosted on the new campus Landscaping and tree plantation is in progress. In the first phase of tree plantation in the third week of February a total of 127 trees were planted which included: (i) Pine, (ii) Olive, Sukhchain (Pongamia Pinnata), (iii) Fig, (iv) Silver Oak and (v) Chinar (Plantanus Orientalis).

The second phase of tree planting was carried out in first week of March. A total of 147 trees were planted which included (i) Pongmania, Black Faux, (ii) Olive, (iii) Fig, (iv) Phoenix Roebelenii, (v) Ligustrum. The grand total of spring plantation is 274.