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Zarephath Bible Seminary


The institute shifted to Rawalpindi in 1998. As a result of this relocation, ZBI was able to offer leadership education classes to both morning and evening students. Rawalpindi also offered a great variety of opportunities for the students to engage in fieldwork. The new urban location made it easier for faculty to commute to the Institute.

A new curriculum was implemented in 2000. This curriculum is revised after 3 years. By 2022 over 471 graduates were serving the Lord Jesus Christ in a wide

variety of ministries. ZBS is registered under the regulations of the government of Pakistan. The Institute is run by a board consisting of members from partner evangelical churches and organizations within Pakistan.

At present ZBS operates at a rented facility at 127 Murree Road, Rawalpindi and residential campus owned by ZBS is located near Fatajang Interchange.

Our Mission
"Train students to become Christ-like servant leaders"

Our Vision
"Proclaim the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit to form Christ-centered churches"

Our Moto
"Training to Serve and Bless"

Our Core Values
1) Love for God and His Word
2) Love for People
3) Discipleship
4) Servant Leadership
5) Christian Family Life
6) Stewardship of Time, Money and Talent
7) Integrity
8) Responsible Citizenship
9) Holistic Training
10) Contextualized Approach

Philosophy of Training
The training at ZBS focuses on living life as service by learning to love lore God and learning to love people (Mt. 22:37-40).

1. Learning to be a servant like Jesus will involve:
a. participation in classroom instruction,
b. regular field ministry experience,
c. being mentored by mature Christian leaders,
d. observing faculty members as ministry models and
e. significant interaction in local churches.

2. Learning to love God will involve:
a. making Jesus Lord,
b. knowing Him better,
c. surrendering one's life to Him,
d. listening to His voice to come to understand His will, and
e. obeying Him fully and completely, as a faithful servant,

3. Learning to love people will involve:
a. learning to be a servant of the Gospel,
b. sharing the Good News of Jesus with others,
c. becoming a servant of the church by learning to love and develop it,
d. becoming a servant of society by being salt and light in our communities and
e. meeting the needs of people as we are able.

Love for God and His Word
Love for People