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A CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO VIOLENCE AND CONFLICT: The recent attack in Paris has again caught the attention of people who live in a peaceful environment and who want to live in peace with others. The first violent act on earth was committed because of envy and hatred against a real brother. This phenomenon continues, at…Continue Reading

A reflection after NAR Away from the country in the year 1984 I met a young man aged about 22 studying in one of the universities of Philippines. We became friends and one day he showed me an old document about 30 cm wide and 40 cm long, a fragile light brown paper. On it…Continue Reading

A reflection on the Peshawar church twin suicide bombings “Welcome to the land of hospitality” was the sign I read while entering KPK province after crossing the mighty Indus River on the motorway. It was September 24, two days after the suicide attacks at the All Saint’s Church, an old historical church in Peshawar. I…Continue Reading