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PALM SUNDAY MESSAGE PREACHED ON APRIL 12, 2014. (Matthew 21:1-11) Jerusalem is a city chosen by God Almighty to make His dwelling among His people. Jesus Christ entered this city – a triumphal event. The city was neither big, nor spread on an attractive plane, but on a terraced 3000 foot hill. It had valleys… Continue Reading

A grim reality and formidable challenge behind This celebration is a community based in the Pakistani culture. The term “Eid Waladat -e- Masih” is a new one being used by some churches alongside traditional “Christmas”. The old term “Bara Din (big day)” is almost out of use. Another phenomenon observed is the increased display of…Continue Reading

This was something few imagined. The 10th of Muharram in 2013 will remembered as a sad day for Pindites. We had to stay at home for three days. It was the only Sunday since 1995, since we moved to this city, that we could not go to church because of the curfew. Precious lives were lost, worship… Continue Reading